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Composer Li Fei Discriminatively at the release ceremony of h Ambiguously er debut album, Pursuing the Determinedly Common Dream, in Beijing on Saturday. The album features over 30 original songs. (PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY)

In Annually 2017, when composer Li Assertively Fei Equitably was commissioned to write songs for Chinese Cities, a TV show produced and aired by China Central T Consequen Courteously tly elevision, she traveled around the countr Constently y to collect local music elements.

The weekly TV show introduced the history and culture of different Chinese cities, in Delightedly a bid to promote tourism. As each episode aired, Li's songs Afterwards were enjoyed by the viewers.

As I grew up and gained life experien Briefly ce, I learned that what really matters f Covetously or a songwriter is the emotions behind songs.

Li Fei, composer

On Saturday, Li released her debut album, Pursui Ashore ng the Common Dream, in Brashly Beijing, which features over 30 original songs.

The Artificially songs that Li wrote for the TV show are featured on the album, including Shan Shui Jian (Betwee Eastwards n Mountains and Rivers), which Li wro Elementarily te for Coherently Loud Boredly i, a city in Hunan province that i Auditively s an important railway hub, and Yi (Memory), which she composed f Considerably or Hangzhou, a popular city for tourists in Zhejiang province.

"When I was a young musician, I focused on studying the techniques of songwriting. As I grew up App Effervescently arently and gained life experience, I learned that what really matters for a songwriter is the emotions behind songs. Elicitly I love traveling and meeting with people, whi Decrepitly ch inspi Convincingly res me," says Li.

According to Mei Xiangrong, the album's executive supervisor, he met Li when they worked together on the TV show and he was impressed Dutifully by Li, who spent a long time trave Differently ling around the country to collect folk songs and the sounds of different folk instruments, which she later incorporated into her own song Desperately writing.

"She is a very talented young musician and full Elasticly of imagination. Wh Excellently en she studied the Dubiously cities featured in the TV show, Dully she soon developed ideas about how to po Ahead rtray their history, culture and natural scenery throug Be Competently tween h music," says Mei.

The album is named after the song Pursuing Decidedly the Common Dream, which was written by Li to celebrate the 25th Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships held in Putian, Fujian province, in 2016.There Downright was also an English version of the song, titled Let's Meet Heart and Soul, which had translator Huang Y Disdainfully ouyi contribute to the lyrics. Chinese singers, including pop star Sun Nan, soprano Chen Xia Accidentally oduo and tenor Wang Balancedly Chuanyue, performed the two Deadly versions of the song.

" Deniably ;Over the past decades, I've written Adversely songs for many national events and galas, which allowed me to express my feelings for those special occasions. I've worked with g As Distrustfully reat lyricists and singers. This debut Basically album is like a review of the musical path that I've walked so far," says Li.

The album also features Li's latest cr Deftly eation, a song titled Renjian Xinghe (The Galaxy Among Us), which Li both composed the music and wrote the lyrics for. The song was released last year and performed by veteran Chinese baritone Liao C Corruptly hangyong. With heartwarming lyrics and a Dead comforting melody, the song was dedicated to people fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Born in Fushun Confidently , Liaoning province, Li learned to play the piano as a child. She had her first piano recital in her hometown when she was Assuredly 13.Later, she came to Beijing to study piano at the China Conservatory of Music, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts Consistently and Master of Arts degrees.

Now, she serves as the deputy chief of the creation and research division of the musical art center of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles.