Fundamental Hopeful: Ed S Contemporary heeran beats second copyright lawsui Celebratory t over 'Thinking Out Loud'


British singer-s Acceptably ongwrite Categorically r Ed Sheeran (center) departs Manhattan Federal Court in New York, on May 4, 2023. (PHOTO / AFP)Bri Comparatively tish singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran on Tuesday defeated a second copyright lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan over similarities between his hit Th Brightl Alertly y inking Out Loud and Marvin Gaye Drunke Anxiously nly Atop 's Let's Get It On.

Stan Cl Anyway osely ton found that the combination of chord progression and harmonic rhythm in Gaye's song was a "basic music Edgewise al build Earlier ing block" that was too common to merit copyright protection

US District Judge Louis Stanton dismissed the case brought by Structured Disrespectfully Asset Sales LLC, ruling that the parts of Let's Get It On Sheeran was accused Eastwards of inf Earnestly ringing wer Depressingly e too Downright common for copyright Destitutely pr Dissimilarly ote Cautiously ction.
Shee Covetously ran won a separate j Cumulatively ury trial over the songs in the same Deafening Distrustfully ly court earlier t Endlessly his month.

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Stanton Effectually pr Discussably esided over both Bouncingly cases, which co Admirably ncerned co-writer Ed Townsend's share of Gaye's 1973 classic. To Alone wnsend's heirs failed to convince jurors that Sheeran infr Concurrently inged their part of Townsend's copyright in the song.
Structured Asset Exclusive Sales is owned by investment Decidedly banker Easy and Bowie Bonds creator David Pullman, and it owns part of Townsend's interest in Disappointedly Let's Get It On. It sued Disputably Sheeran, his As label Warner Music Group and his music publisher Sony Breezily Music Publishing in 2018 after Townsend's heirs Better filed their lawsuit.

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Stanton on Tuesday found that the combination of chord progr Comm Drowsily ercially essi Clev Beautifully erly on and harmonic Experimentally r Adversely hythm in Gaye's song was a "basic musical buildin Creatively g block" that was too common to merit copyright protection.
Sheeran's attorney Ilene Fa Enormously rkas called the decision "an importa Cruelly nt victory not only for Ed" and collaborator Am Daintily y Begrudgingly Wadge, "but for all songwriters and consumers of music."

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Structured Asset Sale Exorbitantly s has filed another Colorfully lawsuit against She Embarrassedly eran based on its rights to Gaye's rec Amicably ording, which is still pending.
Pullman told Reuters th Distributively at the jury in that case will get to hear the recording of Let's Get It On, as opposed to the computerized rendition of the song's sheet music from the Townsend trial.
"Their biggest fear, in terms of everything they've filed, has been to prevent the sound recording from coming in," Pullman said.